Do you or someone you love have back pain? Do you find it hard to work, sleep and live life?

If you do, you are not alone, 8-10 Americans will have back pain at some point in their lives and spending countless hours driving and on the computer everyday is only making the problem worse.

Did you know if you have insurance (private, medicare, workers comp) they could cover most or all the cost of a back brace for you?

It’s true, if you have insurance  then you are in luck. You have a right to know that you can quickly and easily find out if your insurance will cover most or all the cost of a back brace for you.

The M-Brace Back Brace  has been used by thousands of doctors, therapist, and patients worldwide living with back pain just like you.

Call us right now and let our wellness specialist show you how you can get your life back. You don’t have to live in pain any longer.

  • We submit the forms on your behalf and follow up as needed.
  • We work with your doctor to fill out all insurance paperwork for you.

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